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Green Tea Pills for Weight Loss

More and more people all over the world face the problem of excess weight with which they fight in many different ways. Some individuals are so desperate that they are ready to risk their health and even life in order to get the desired shape. They are ready to pay cosmic sums of money on diet pills and surgeries. The desire for fast weight loss has risen more that why the humanity needs more effective weight loss methods.

Obesity has become a real problem in America where about 25% of teenagers suffer from extra kilos. One of the most effective weight loss accelerators is green tea. Fat burning products with this active ingredient have flooded the modern market due to the growing desire of consumers to try this interesting method and to see what results it brings. There is already some evidence that proves the fact that green tea really works in weight loss, but still it needs a legal approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, if you are going to start using any weight loss product with green tea consult your doctor at first.

What Is Green Tea?

Green tea is the steamed leaves of plant Camellia sinensis. The latter is a perennial evergreen shrub that has always been used to make black and oolong teas. Green tea is mainly consumed as a drink, but lately it has also been produced in the form of green tea pills for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is no enough evidence that proves the fact that green tea directly influences weight loss, but there is smart reasoning behind this fact. It consists in the caffeine that can be found in green tea.

It is interesting to mention that green tea has been always known for its use in making people active and not sleepy during extremely long ceremonies which took place in Chinese culture. Speaking about green tea pills for weight loss, it is necessary to say that the caffeine in may be responsible for a feeling of appetite suppression. It also may stimulate water weight loss and calorie burning. These effects were noted by Dr. Katherine Zeratsky from the Mayo Clinic but they haven't been scientifically supported since that time. In any case, even the potential for green tea effects is worth to be recommended for people who suffer from obesity. So, if you wish to lose weight increase your caffeine intake.

Side Effects and Cautions

Green tea pills sometimes contain as much caffeine as a few cups of coffee. As a rule, caffeine is rather safe when used by healthy adults, but it is prohibited for usage by children. Too much caffeine can cause severe effects on the heart and liver of adults if not taken with food.

Some of the side effects of caffeine may include insomnia, irritability, anxiety, upset stomach, diarrhea and nausea. They should be considered before using green tea pills for weight loss.\

Other Uses of Green Tea Pills

Green tea is been also connected with other health advantages such as protection against some types of cancers, genital warts (when used as an ointment), and possibly some effects in people who suffer from certain heart diseases and diabetes.


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