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My Medical History

1986 - Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was taking 3 grams (180 mg.) of Armour Thyroid daily.

Fall í86 - I was living in Norman, Ok. And my taste buds started turning black. I came back to Madill, OK. To my doctor and he diagnosed me as having a vitamin deficiency. He had me start taking Centrum. A short time later I started having a tremendous amount of pain in all my joints. I could barely walk up the stairs to my apartment. I couldnít lift a glass of tea with one hand. I couldnít carry the computer books from the vault to my desk at work. Simply put, it was like I was 90 yrs. old. I went to a doctor in Norman because I was working a new job and couldnít take off to go to my own doctor in Madill all the time. He ran rheumatoid arthritis tests and a test that was suppose to tell him if anything unusual was going on in my system. He also did another test that I canít remember, however all the tests were negative. The doctor didnít know how to help me. Around Thanksgiving my sister-in-law TOLD ME HER DOCTOR HAD TOLD HER TO AVOID IODINE SINCE SHE WAS TAKING Armour Thyroid daily, and I noticed that the Centrum had iodine. I switched to Stress Tabs, which have no iodine, and by Christmas I was back to normal.

Sept. í97 - Annual tests showed that my thyroid was "out of whack", even though I was still taking my thyroid medication. The doctor changed me to Synthroid .15 because he could never get me back in alignment with the Armour.

Nov. í97 - Test results showed no change in my TSH levels (which was the problem in Sept.). Now my T4 throxine is high. So I am now actually worse off than I was before. My doctor tells me he is going to lower my Synthroid to .125 mg. and that I am going to gain weight and not feel good. "Thanks a lot, Doc!"

Feb. í98 - I started taking one FM-2001+ daily. I read the warning label and expected to not be able to take the product very long because of the iodine. I really loved the energy so well that I was willing to take the product as long as I could. I just watched for signs of a problem like I had in í86.

May í98 - New thyroid tests showed all my numbers in the normal range. My doctor thinks it is because of the Synthroid, but I donít. I think my body needed one or more of the minerals in the FM.

Present - I am still taking the FM-2001+ and I feel great! I have seen nothing but positive results.

Iím not a doctor, but I do know when I feel good and when I feel bad. Iím planning on having my thyroid checked at least every six months and I will keep you informed of my test results.



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